4th China International BioPharma Conference & Exhibition

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2021 China International BioPharma Conference will be held on September 19th-21th in China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center, Taizhou China. The conference will  provide the platform for Biopharma, biotech compaies, Universites, Research institutes, investors, Technology and industry stakeholders to meet, network and discuss current industry trends, establish business partnerships and be updated on investment opportunities in China. BIOEXPO-CHINA conference calls for reports from all over the world, if you are interested in giving reports in the conference, please send emails to  info@gmexpo.net

We will provide the speakers the following VIP services during the conference:

  • The speaker can attend the conference for free.
  • The organizing committee provides speakers three days buffets durning the conference;
  • The organizing committee arrange for the round table dinner on the evening of September 20 for all the speakers. 
  • Provide hotel accommodation for Three nights; 
  • The speaker can also take one of their students or colleagues attend the confernce for free.

The conference increased the opportunities for one-to-one exchanges among participants by arranging social activities such as question&answer and discussion after each report, roundtable dinners for participants, and park visits. At the same time, the online WeChat exchange group also helps participants to effectively and accurately connect with each other, and then efficiently communicate at offline meetings. It is expected that there will be more than 100 reports from scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises, and hospitals.

Conference Time

September 19-21, 2021, Taizhou China  China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center


BIOEXPO-CHINA 2021 call for reports all over the world in the following areas:

Emerging Techniques, Technologies and Strategies
Emerging Therapies
Biopharmaceutical Engineering Technology
Biopharmaceutical equipment and materials
Blood products
Recombinant therapeutic biological products
Cell & Gene Therapies and Genome Editing
Brain Health 
Infectious Diseases & Vaccines  
Orphan & Rare Disease  
IVD Reagents
Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics
Highly Prevalent Chronic Diseases
Translational Research   
Harnessing Big Data to Drive Innovation in Biomedicine 
Regulatory Science 
Emerging Opportunities in Global Markets 
Intellectual Property 
Business Development & Finance 

BIOEXPO-CHINA annual meeting also has Company Presentations Session. Company Presentations are the perfect way to increase visibility and attract more partners at BIOEXPO-CHINA Annual meeting.

Welcome companies from BioPharma Industry Chain share your company’s story, pipelines, and objectives to a global audience of business development executives, investors, research analysts, policy makers and media.

Exhibition Introduction:

2021 China International BioPharma Exhibition(BIOEXPO-CHINA 2021) will be held on September 19th-21th in China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center,Taizhou China. BIOEXPO-CHINA 2021 will invite exhibitors and Professional visitors from all over the world. It will focused in the fields of gene engineering,cell engineering, Microbial Engineering,biological Instrument, etc. for people from pharmaceutical or biotech companies, research institutes and all other related industries to meet and interact with each other on the most recent market innovations and lucrative business opportunities.

Exhibition Time:

September 19-21,2021 Taizhou China  China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center

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2021 China International BioPharma Conference & Exhibition 



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