Statistics of cyclodextrin-related publications and patents

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The CD-related literature was evaluated based on Scopus search. The number of publications continued to increase reaching 2445 paper in 2020 till 30 Dec. This number will be a bit higher as a few papers of 2020 are expected in the first months of the next year. Fig. 1 shows the dynamics of publications.

Fig. 1 Dynamics of CD-reated publications based on Scopus search (cyclodextrin in title, abstract and keywords)

Almost 50% of publications were related to pharmaceutical applications, followed by food and environmental use (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Sharing of papers among various fields of applications based on search in Scopus

The number of patent applications mentioning the term “cyclodextrin” published within a year showed a maximum in 2018 according to Espacenet database of European Patent Office (Fig. 3). However, a vast number of recently published inventions only mention CD trademarks or proprietary name of some cyclodextrins (e.g. sugammadex) not even mentioning the name of the parent compounds rather suggesting a trend in altered preference in the use of nomenclature.

Fig. 3 Number of CD-related patents published in a year according to Espacenent database (cyclodextrin in title or abstract)

The decrease in the last years might be the partly the conseqence of the fact that instead of chemical name the pharmacopoeia name is used in the patents, e.g. sulfobutyl betadex sodium instead of sulfobutyl ether cyclodextrin.


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