Encapsulation of Active Molecules and Their Delivery System (Book)

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Encapsulation of Active Molecules and Their Delivery System covers the key methods of preparation of encapsulation, as well as release mechanisms and their applications in food, biotechnology, metal protection, drug delivery, and micronutrients delivery in agriculture. The book also provides real-life examples of applications in food and other industries. Sections encompasses (i) Synthesis and characterization methods of micro- and nanocarriers as the delivery systems, (ii) Up-to-date encapsulation techniques in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and corrosion, (iii) The release methods of the encapsulated materials, and (iv) Industry perspectives, including scale up of the processes.

Some interesting chapters:

4. Encapsulation of active molecules in pharmaceutical sector

5. Sonochemical encapsulation of taxifolin in b-cyclodextrin for improving its bioavailability and bioactivity for food

6. Delivery of bioactive compounds in plants

7. Bioactive molecule and/or cell encapsulation for controlled delivery in bone or cartilage tissue engineering

8. Review on application of encapsulations process in agriculture different fields

13. Encapsulation and delivery of poorly soluble drugs

14. Molecular recognition, selective targeting and overcoming gastrointestinal digestion by folic acid functionalized oral delivery systems in colon cancer.

15. Mathematical modelling and simulation of the release of active agents from nanocontainers/microspheres

16. Flavour encapsulation and release studies in food

17. Encapsulation and delivery of antiparasitic drugs

Shirish Hari Sonawane , Bharat A. Bhanvase , Manickam Sivakumar (eds.) (2020) Encapsulation of Active Molecules and Their Delivery System. Elsevier

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