Chapter 2 Professor József Szejtli: The Godfather of Cyclodextrins

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Chapter 2 written by Gregorio Crini et al. [1] recalls the memory of Professor Szejtli stating that “no other scientist has been more determining, focused and inspiring than him. Indeed, amongst the list of prestigious researchers who have contributed to the development of cyclodextrins, Professor Szejtli played a fundamental role as eminent scientist and visionary. Since the mid-1950s, he has devoted his life to cyclodextrins. Professor Szejtli knew virtually everything about them, publishing more than 500 papers . He was also an ambitious entrepreneur, creating in 1972 an independent company totally devoted to cyclodextrins. Professor Szejtli is internationally recognized for his outstanding contribution to the cyclodextrin science and considered to be the “Godfather of Cyclodextrins”. This chapter is a tribute to his scientific oeuvre. Firstly, we give a general overview of his outstanding career. Secondly, we have chosen to highlight some of the important works published by Professor Szejtli in more than fifty years of career.”

Crini, G., Fenyvesi, É., Szente, L. (2020) Professor Szejtli: The Godfather of Cyclodextrins. In: Crini, G., Forurmentin, S., Lichtfouse, E. (eds.) The History of Cyclodextrins. Springer, New York. pp. 96-155.


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