Cyclodextrins in first-line defense against COVID-19

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Medical press published the news on the research at the University of Southern California (USC) Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics, the USC Institute for Technology and Medical Systems and the USC School of Pharmacy are developing a cyclodextrin-containing antimicrobial fluid to bolster the body’s first-line defenses against COVID-19. Cyclodextrin not only removes cholesterol—an essential component of lipid rafts—from our cellular membranes to disrupt viral docking, it may also weaken the virus by stealing away its cholesterol and lessening its infectivity.

The cyclodextrin derivative, which best targets SARS-CoV-2, will be selected based on computer simulations and then formulated to a liquid to be administered in the eyes, nose or mouth.

In the future, this technology may be adapted to stave off other common infections or slow disease transmission in the case of another pandemic.

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