Underdog Pharmaceuticals Announces MD.USE Partnership and Technology Acquisition

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Underdog Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company designing engineered cyclodextrins to address atherosclerosis and other serious diseases of aging, has completed a partnership and technology acquisition agreement with MD.USE Innovative Solutions, SL.

Underdog is built upon the combined power of computational and synthetic chemistry, and the strength of our computational system derives significantly from their long-standing relationship with MD.USE Innovative Solutions, SL, a start-up from Santiago de Compostela University, Spain. Its founders, Drs Ángel Piñeiro and Rebeca Garcia-Fandino, are experienced computational chemists, and the world’s leading specialists in the development of cyclodextrin-specific simulations.

Underdog has worked with MD.USE over two years to build a new software system, Candymer, which can build and parameterize sophisticated molecular dynamics simulations of cyclodextrin-sterol complexes. With it, they can test drug target interactions, off-target impact, and also design entirely new molecules. It’s critical to Underdog both in the testing and optimization of our lead candidates, now, and in the design of potential new therapies tomorrow.

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