World Biotechnology Industry Conference-2020 (WBC-2020)

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The World Biotechnology Industry Conference (WBC-2020) will be held at Qingdao, China during October 16-18, 2020.

Theme: Make Bio-industry Great Forever


Hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Qingdao Sub-Council, this conference covers topics such as bio-informatics, bio-pharmaceutics, genetic engineering, neural engineering, tissue and organ engineering, 3D biological printing, etc. Nobel laureates, domestic and foreign academicians from about 50 countries and regions at home and abroad about 500 outstanding experts and entrepreneurs will participate in together, share exchange biotechnology frontier dynamic, for talents, projects, research institutions and enterprises such as structures, production, use integration platform, the extent of innovation and cooperation.

Due to the current epidemic, the organizing committee also provides an online participation mode for overseas guests. Considering that overseas guests are not able to enter China at present, and there will be isolation in the future, the organizing committee recommends overseas guests to participate online.

In 2020, the world will be surrounded by coronavirus, so the Organizing Committee of the WBC conference really wants to make something for this society, hoping to invite experts from all over the world to share their research results. Even if it’s just a little hope or help, the organizing committee will do its best! The world is fighting for the epidemic, and the WBC Organizing Committee hopes to make some efforts.

The details about the World Biotechnology Industry Conference – 2020 you can visit the official web:


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