Use of cyclodextrins as agrochemical delivery system

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ADAMA MAKHTESHIM LTD. (Israel) filed a PCT patent application (WO2020084572) that was recently published. The invention relates to preparation and use of pesticidal complexes based on cyclodextrin complexes, pesticidal delivery systems and compositions. The applicaton of cyclodextrins manifests in increasing biological activity and improving uptake, penetration, retention and bioavailability of agrochemicals such as pesticides. The invention mentions the following active ingredients in combination with different cyclodextrins optimized for each molecule: phthalimide fungicide folpet and captan, dithiocarbamate fungicide mancozeb, diamide insecticide chlorantraniliprole, voltage dependent sodium channel blocker insecticide oxadiazin, indoxacarb, semicarbazone derivative metaflumizone, dinitroanibne herbicide pendimethalin.

The increased efficacy of the cyclodextrin enabled improved formulations are demonstrated in laboratory tests using field crop plants and weeds, as relevent.

Szejtli’s most fundamental monograph on cyclodextrins (Cyclodextrin Technology, Kluwer Academic Publisher, Dordrecht, 1988.) summarized the use of CDs in agrochemicals (Chapter 5) already known thirty years ago. Section 5.4 discusses the limits hindering the application of CDs in the late 20th century, in this field (literally, on the field) highlighting a special point:

  • “The price of cyclodextrins is a fundamental question, therefore
    in the next decade only the application of beta-cyclodextrin seems
    to be possible”

In the light of patent application WO2020084572 published in 2020, it seems that the value of agricultural products reached a niveau that the use of other cyclodextrins than beta-CD (alpha cyclodextrin, gamma-cyclodextrin, methyl-beta-cyclodextrin, 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin, sulfobutylether beta cyclodextrin) are also considered to deliver valuable active agents in natural environment which offers the hope of overall reduction of toxic burden of chemicals and waste by culturing more healthy and vivid plants.


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