Alpha-cyclodextrin in low-fat chicken frankfurter

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Good news for people on low fat diet! Dietary fibre can substitute fat in frankfurter.

The effects of the addition of alpha-cyclodextrin and wheat fibre to low-fat chicken frankfurters on the technological and sensorial properties during refrigerated storage was evaluated in a recent study of researchers from Brazil. The results showed that the addition of dietary fibres (alpha-cyclodextrin and wheat fibre) in low-fat chicken frankfurters containing 35% mechanically deboned chicken meat improved emulsion stability, hardness, chewiness and reduced cohesiveness. Alpha-cyclodextrin helped the retention of fat globules in the microstructure and affected colour in the sensorial evaluation.

Alpha-cyclodextrin and wheat fibre were effectivevirsli2 in contributing to fat reduction without affecting the sensory properties of the product. The panellists judged that the low-fat chicken frankfurters with 0.44% to 1.5% wheat fibre and 5% to 8.54% ACD added were better accepted, especially sample T2, with 8.54% ACD and 0.44% wheat fibre, but this was similar to the control (C1) with fat addition.

From 2004, ACD has been Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and, in 2016, ACD was recognised as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when consumed at a level of up to 3% (w/w). Above 3% inclusion use levels in the U.S., it requires the approval of the FDA.


Henck, J. M. M., Bis-Souza, C. V., Pollonio, M. A. R., Lorenzo, J. M., & Barretto, A. C. S. (2019). Alpha-cyclodextrin as a new functional ingredient in low-fat chicken frankfurter. British Poultry Science. doi:10.1080/00071668.2019.1664726

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