Cyclodextrin-related topics in the latest issue of JIPH

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The following cyclodextrin-related papers in  Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry. Volume 95 Number 3-4 might be interesting for the readers of the blog:

Applications of macrocyclic compounds for electrochemical sensors to improve selectivity and sensitivity

Huan Luo, Li-Xia Chen, Qing-Mei Ge, Mao Liu, Zhu Tao, Yu-Hui Zhou & Hang Cong

Simple circular dichroism method for selection of the optimal cyclodextrin for drug complexation

Eszter Kiss, Virág Anna Szabó & Péter Horváth

DFT investigation of host–guest interactions between α-Terpineol and β-cyclodextrin

Houria Bouchemela, Fatiha Madi & Leila Nouar

The present state of studies on attractive and amphiphilic multi-functional methylated β-cyclodextrins and their purity measurements

Madoka Kimura, Chie Honda, Ryohei Hamaguchi, Yukihiro Kuroda, Toshiko Tanimoto & Keiji Terao

Probing the inclusion complexes of short-lived radicals with β-cyclodextrin by CIDNP

Simon V. Babenko & Alexander I. Kruppa

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