Cyclodextrin in ice cream

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In these hot days it might be refreshing even reading on ice creams. Cyclodextrin can improve the texture, stabilize the flavors and pigments and can also serve as probiotic (soluble fiber). Ice cream powders from various manufacturers containing CD can be purchased.

Most of the products contain alpha-CD, but beta-CD as well as HPBCD are also sold as cream stabilizers.

With alpha-CD protein-free, fat-free and fat-reduced creams (mousses and ice creams) can be produced. It is easy to transform a fruit juice to a cream without adding fat to it. (

Some marketed ice creams or ice cream powders from internet:



Surgical House (Australia) sells low-calory, stable and gluten-free ice creams in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor, all the three contains alpha-cyclodextrin.

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Frozen yoghurt with alpha-CD as probiotics from Shenzhen Oceanpower Eco Food Tech Co., Ltd




100% natural vanilla homemade ice cream containing vegetable fibers (alpha-CD)

Leagel (San Marino)





Beta-CD and HPBCD are sold as ice cream stabilizer

Sandong Zoneyoung Chemical Co.


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