CD-enabled elektrokinetic extraction of pollutants from soil

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The electrokinetic extraction process removes metals and polar organic contaminants from low-permeability soil, mud, sludge, and marine dredging by applying electric current. This in situ technology based on electrochemical and electrokinetic processes is primarily a separation and removal technique for extracting contaminants from soils with an electric charge [1].

Applying direct current to the soil increases its temperature, which helps to desorb the organic contaminants and volatize the VOCs. Solubilizing agents (surfactants, CDs, cosolvents) can enhance the electromigration of the contaminants and enhance the removal efficiency [2-5]. Charged cyclodextrins such as CMBCD and glycine-BCD help the removal of both inorganic and organic pollutants [6-7]. The efficiency, however, depends on the soil properties (clay content, organic matter content, permeability, etc.) [8].


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