Can cyclodextrins make diamonds shinier?

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A recent patent application filed by GLISTEN LLC, Hollywood, California, US (WO2019014465) describes a method of covering jewelry by cyclodextrins. The coatings make the surface resist oil, dirt, and grime build-up.

How cyclodextrins are attached to the gemstone? Here is a step-wise draft scheme:

  • Formation of molecular layer on a hydrogen-terminated diamond surface (e.g introducing bis(4-iodophenyl) functionality)
  • Cyclodextrin solutions are applied to the modified diamond-coated surface
  • The solution is rinsed from the wafer under a stream of distilled water

How obsolete it is that a single macroscopic golden ring was attached to a gemstone in the old times. Now we seem to have a technology to attach myriads of nanosized  carbohydrate rings, too!
We will surely report on the first successful marriage offer made with a cyclodextrin coated diamond ring!

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