Opinion leaders of CD society getting together in Budapest

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In the recent two weeks, Cyclolab had the pleasure to welcome two prominent pioneers of cyclodextrin research, Prof. Loftsson from the University of Iceland and Prof. Arima from Kumamoto University to deliver talks and discuss trends in cyclodextrin research.

Prof. Loftsson gave a seminar on the development of eye drops using Oculis technology based on microparticles formed by gamma-cyclodextrin complexes of the drugs.

Prof Arima’s talk was touching several areas such as the folate-appended CD derivatives useful for targeting cancer cells, Curcumin/HPBCD complex fixed in sacran gels for accelerating wound healing, and pegylated insulin/GCD formulation for sustained release, new developments in protein delivery (SPRA technology), CD modified with cell penetrating peptides against Niemann Pick disease and CD-dendrimer conjugates for gene delivery and other fascinating areas.

After the talks we had a stimulating discussions on these cutting edge projects and hope to welcome such great minds in 2019 again to contribute to the success of CDs together

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