CD-modified zeolite for controlled release of eucaliptus essential oil

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CD was immobilized on the surface of zeolite particles by using crosslinking with citric, succinic or adipic acid to improve the adsorption and release properties. The grafting yield depends on the polycarboxylic acid employed and was observed to be lower with short-chain succinic acid. Although the specific surface area of zeolite was decreased by coating it with CD polymer, the release of eucalipus essential oil is decreased.

Eucaliptus oil is recommended for biomedical applications due to its antibacterial,  antiimflammatory and antipyretic effects, especially for the treatment of respiratory infections. It is also used as natural food preservative.


Mallard, I., Bourgoeois, D., Fourmentin, S. A friendly environmental approach for the controlled release of Eucaliptus essential oil. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2018, 549, 130-137

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