Fraud companies infiltrating cyclodextrin business

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I would like to draw your attention to a very recent desperate approach for taking advantage of one’s naivety and trust. Cyclolab has been contacted for a substantial order for fine chemicals by a Chinese company not specialized in chemicals (Xi’an Nuo Lang Trading CO., Ltd,  Business License:91610133MA6UQ9X955,  Address: No.10 Rongxin Road, Yan Ta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, The People’s republic of China (PRC), TEL:+86-29-6303-5040, Zip Code: 710065).

The story was a bit to good to be true, promising contacts and conditions, all pre-paid with a single suspicious stipulation: the contract needs to be signed in person and at their headquarters. After stubbornly insisting on these conditions despite offering alternatives, a small “detective” work revealed that similar schemes are often performed to lure honest companies.

In short, this is how it goes based on what we learned and experienced:

They promise a big order, and rarely negotiate the prices. They say that they will prepay and would even sign a contract on it. However, they always want to meet you. In meeting they build up a big future cooperation. However, in the end, they always find some small cost like an import certificate, bank fee, administration fee for the notary office, etc., which is small (1%) compared to the total sum. They then want you to pay 50% of that cost before they can send you any money. When done, you will never hear about them again.

Be careful guys!


  1. Very usefull feed back, – they have just contact my young food start up with exactly the same way.
    as it was a bit to good to be true, my investigation drives me to your greatfull feed back.
    Thank you very much – BR – Jacky

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  3. Exactly what I endured unfortunately last year…
    Pity I didn’t read this post before I traveled to China to meet & sign the contract
    How do these people get away with this let alone live with themselves.?

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