Xylanase immobilized on β-cyclodextrin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles

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Amongst various materials employed for modifying magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs), β-cyclodextrins (β-CDs) possess outstanding features for surface engineering of MNPs to improve the enzyme attachment. Herein, β-CD was modified onto MNPs and fabricated as a unique nanocarrier for the immobilization of xylanase. A variety of analytical techniques were applied to characterize the structural, morphological and chemical features of the as-prepared nanobiocatalyst. Notably, the xylanase immobilized onto the synthesized nanocomplex exhibited efficient reactivity and remarkable stability against harsh environmental condition. Besides, the as-prepared nanobiocatalyst could maintain 50 % of its original catalytic activity even after 12 successive reuses. The storage stability results showed that the free and immobilized xylanases lost approximately 65 % and 35 % of their original activity, respectively, after 90 days. The evaluation of kinetic metrics confirmed the remarkable improvement of immobilized xylanase performance. The effect immobilized xylanase on the reduction of apple and pineapple juices turbidity indicated that the turbidity decrease rate of apple juice occurred quickly (about 32 % in 90 min, for free and immobilized xylanases) rather than pineapple juice (about 20 % in 90 min, for both kinds of enzymes). The nanobiocatalyst also exhibited good recycling as approved by retention of 60 % and 70 % of relative activity after eight reuses in clarification of apple and pineapple juices. Additionally, the ability of immobilized xylanase to the extraction of antioxidant components demonstrated that the nanobiocatalyst can extract antioxidant outstandingly much higher than free enzyme. The resultants of this research indicates the great potential of the immobilized xylanase for employing in a wide range of bio-applications.

Azam Rezayat, Ali Kakanejadifard, Asghar Taheri-Kafrani, Francesco Trotta, Xylanase immobilized on β-cyclodextrin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: Implications for antioxidant component extraction and fruit juice quality improvement. Journal of Molecular Liquids 387, 2023, 122660.

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