Nobel Prize winner in 2016 for Chemistry, Sir James Fraser Stoddart at ICS 20

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The guest of honor, Sir James Fraser Stoddart, who has dedicated his life to Science and in part to synthesizing new advanced materials based on cyclodextrins gave a plenary lecture at the 20th International Cyclodextrin Symposium.

In 2016, he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Ben Feringa and Jean-Pierre Sauvage for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. He has developed rotaxane and molecular shuttle.


Translational isomerism, molecular shuttle: the macrocycle can move between two positions [1]

Sir J.F. Stoddart was identified as one of the most-cited chemists. In June 2022 he had as much as 134683 citations (h index 178), 37270 since 2017 (Google Scholar, accessed on 20 June 2022) with 4 papers of over 2000 citations:

  • Self‐assembly in natural and unnatural systems (Angew. Chemie [2], No. of citations: 2570)
  • Artificial molecular machines (Angew. Chemie [3], No. of citations: 2473)
  • Dynamic covalent chemistry (Angew. Chemie [4], No. of citations: 2328)
  • Electronically configurable molecular-based logic gates (Science [5], No. of citations: 2173)

In his lecture he gave an overview on preparation of interlocked systems, stimuli-responsive molecular devices and molecular machines with CDs, (edible) metal organic frameworks, ecofriendly gold mining with CD and other important and interesting findings of his team.

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