Oculis goes public on the Nasdaq Stock Market

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Oculis the Icelandic (now global) ophthalmology company, founded by Thorsteinn Loftsson and Einar Stefánsson, celebrated its public listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market on March 22, 2023. The listing was announced on March 3, 2023. Oculis Holding AG Stocks were listed under the “OCS” ticker symbol and at the time of writing this post one stock worths 6.97 USD.

The most relevant connection of Oculis to cyclodextrins is their main OCS-01 eye drop candidate, which is currently in Phase III, with first results expected in May. OCS-01 is a formulation against diabetic macular edema mentioned on this blog multiple times. The formulation uses gamma cyclodextrin nanoparticles to deliver dexamethasone to the back of the eye.

The stock launch party was held on March 22 in New York, the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell was rung by CEO Riad Sherif. The celebration was steamed on the Nasdaq website and was warmed up by showing all leaders of Oculis on a multi-story animated billboard on Times Square. The video can be watched here.

We would like to congratulate the whole Oculis team for this great achievement, and I am personally proud as well that I had been part of the team some years before.

Oculis Nasdaq stock launch celebration (Photo credit: Oculis)
Thorsteinn conquers the Times Square in NY (Photo was screenshotted from the official Nasdaq video)



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