SBECD polymer to prolong the antibacterial activity

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SBECD polymer was prepared by crosslinking with 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate.

The scheme of obtained moxifloxacin (MF) complexes with SBECD (here SCD) and its polymer (SCDpol.)

Iin vitro studies were conducted on two Escherichia coli strains that differed in surface morphology. It was found that moxifloxacin (MF) loses its antibacterial action after 3–4 days in liquid media, whereas the inclusion of the drug in SBECD led to the increase of MF antibacterial activity by up to 1.4 times within 1–5 days of the experiment. In the case of MF-SBECD-polymer, a 12-fold increase in the MF action, and a tendency to prolonged antibacterial activity were observed. 

Anna A. Skuredina, Tatiana Yu. Kopnova, Anastasia S. Tychinina, Sergey A. Golyshev, Irina M. Le-Deygen, Natalya G. Belogurova, Elena V. Kudryashova (2022) The New Strategy for Studying Drug-Delivery Systems with Prolonged Release: Seven-Day In Vitro Antibacterial Action. Molecules 27(22), 8026;

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