Cyclodextrin metal–organic framework-based protein biocomposites

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Materials are needed to increase the stability and half-life of therapeutic proteins during delivery. These materials should be biocompatible and biodegradable. Here, we demonstrate that enzymes and immunoproteins can be encapsulated inside cyclodextrin based metal–organic frameworks using potassium as the metal node. The release profile can be controlled with the solubility of the cyclodextrin linker. The activity of the proteins after release is determined using catalytic and in vitro assays. The results show that cyclodextrin metal–organic framework-based protein biocomposites are a promising class of materials to deliver therapeutic proteins.

Giuseppe Di Palma, Shannon Geels, Brooke P. Carpenter, Rain A. Talosig, Charles Chen, Francesco Marangoni and Joseph P. Patterson (2022) Cyclodextrin metal–organic framework-based protein biocomposites† Check for update.Biomater. Sci.

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