2020 Szejtli prize to Aurore Fraix

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The CycloLab’ Szejtli award committee, has decided to award the 2020 Szejtli prize, to Dr Aurore Fraix for her outstanding contribution to the Cyclodextrin-related works and results. As the conference was not held in 2020, the prize was handed to the awardee in 2022.

 Aurore joined the research group of Prof. Salvatore Sortino at the University of Catania in 2012 as a postodoctoral Marie Curie student and she is currently acting as assistant professor of chemistry at the same University. Since then Aurore has dealt with the design and fabrication of cyclodextrin-based nano-constructs for phototherapeutic applications with particular emphasis on systems photogenerating reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and displaying fluorescence properties. Her work has covered the development of a wide range of cyclodextrin-based systems including molecular conjugates, polymeric cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles. All these systems share the common feature to be activatable by light-excitation and to be addressed for biomedical applications, especially in cancer research.

Some of the papers published over the years have been highlighted in a number of cover pages of prestigious journals. The relevance of her results obtained over the years makes this research exciting and internationally significant,  represents an important step to the development of biocompatible light-activatable nanoconstructs for unconventional therapeutic applications. Dr. Fraix has published 65 scientific-technical papers and has a total citation of 1212, with a Hirsch-index of 20.

On behalf of CycloLab Ltd., we congratulate Aurore Fraix on her remarkable scientific carreer and achievements and wish her continued success in her future works.

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