New book: Micro- and Nano-containers for Smart Applications

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This book comprehensively summarizes the recent achievements and trends in encapsulation of micro- and nanocontainers for applications in smart materials. It covers the fundamentals of processing and techniques for encapsulation with emphasis on preparation, properties, application, and future prospects of encapsulation process for smart applications in pharmaceuticals, textiles, biomedical, food packaging, composites, friction/wear, phase change materials, and coatings. Academics, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students in the field of smart materials will benefit from this book.


Smart Materials, Nano Containers, Micro Containers, Encapsulation Technology, Polymer Microencapsulation, Drug Encapsulation, Protein Encapsulation, Biocompatible Encapsulated Containers, Controlled Drug Delivery, Polymer Nanoencapsulation, Nanocomposites

Table of content:

  1. Polymer Based Microcapsules for Encapsulation Siddhant Bhutkar, Kadhiravan Shanmuganathan, Pages 1-37
  2. Electrospinning Techniques for Encapsulation Nalan Oya San Keskin, Sena Kardelen Dinç, Pages 39-61
  3. Fibers as Containers for Encapsulation Subrata Mondal, Pages 63-78
  4. Bio-Based/Biodegradable Containers for Encapsulation Ignacio Rivero Berti, Guillermo R. Castro, Pages 79-103
  5. Containers for Food Packaging Application Bisma Jan, Qurat ul eain Hyder Rizvi, Rafeeya Shams, Aamir Hussain Dar, Ishrat Majid, Shafat Ahmad Khan, Pages 105-125
  6. Containers for Drug Delivery Sayan Ganguly, Poushali Das, Shlomo Margel, Pages 127-153
  7. Containers for Encapsulation of Fragrances/Aroma/Odour for Textile Applications Latika Bhatt, Ruchi Kholiya, Srishti Tewari, Pages 155-178
  8. Containers Based on Polymers in Biomedical Devices/Medical Applications Dania Alphonse Jose, Prabha Prakash, P. S. Baby Chakrapani, Pages 179-195
  9. Containers for Self-healing/Self-repairing Polymers Negin Farshchi, Pages 197-211
  10. Containers with Anti-Corrosion Agents for Metal Protection Paints Sahar Amiri, Pages 213-241
  11. Containers with Lubricating Agents for Friction and Wear Qurat Ul Ain, H. S. Ashrith, Manjesh Kumar Singh, T. P. Jeevan, Pages 243-263
  12. Hydrogen Encapsulation and Storage as an Alternative Energy Source Masoud Darvish Ganji, Atyeh Rahmanzadeh, Pages 265-287
  13. Containers for Thermal Energy Storage Pramod B. Salunkhe, Jaya Krishna Devanuri, Pages 289-307
  14. Containers Based Drug Delivery for Neuroscience Dania Alphonse Jose, Krishnapriya, P. S. Baby Chakrapani, Pages 309-325
  15. CDs: A Potential Candidate for Improving Water Solubility and Stability of Hydrophobic Guest Molecules Sahar Amiri, Sanam Amiri, Pages 327-357
  16. Containers for Encapsulation of Aroma/Flavour for Food Applications Lucía M. Quintero-Borregales, Silvia Goyanes, Lucía Famá, Pages 359-392
  17. Incorporation of Novel Nanocontainers into Corrosion Protective Coatings on Metals to Induce Self-healing: A Multistimuli Approach George Kordas, Pages 393-413

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