Single Isomer N-Heterocyclic Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Chiral Selectors in Capillary Electrophoresis

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In order to better understand the chiral recognition mechanisms of positively charged cyclodextrin (CD) derivatives, the synthesis, the pKa determination by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-pH titration and a comparative chiral capillary electrophoretic (CE) study were performed with two series of mono-substituted cationic single isomer CDs. The first series of selectors were mono-(6-N-pyrrolidine-6-deoxy)-β-CD (PYR-β-CD), mono-(6-N-piperidine-6-deoxy)-β-CD (PIP-β-CD), mono-(6-N-morpholine-6-deoxy)-β-CD (MO-β-CD) and mono-(6-N-piperazine-6-deoxy)-β-CD (PIPA-β-CD), carrying a pH-adjustable moiety at the narrower rim of the cavity, while the second set represented by their quaternarized, permanently cationic counterparts: mono-(6-N-(N-methyl-pyrrolidine)-6-deoxy)-β-CD (MePYR-β-CD), mono-(6-N-(N-methyl-piperidine)-6-deoxy)-β-CD (MePIP-β-CD), mono-(6-N-(N-methyl-morpholine)-6-deoxy)-β-CD (MeMO-β-CD) and mono-(6-N-(4,4-N,N-dimethyl-piperazine)-β-CD (diMePIPA-β-CD). Based on pH-dependent and selector concentration-dependent comparative studies of these single isomer N-heterocyclic CDs presented herein, it can be concluded that all CDs could successfully be applied as chiral selectors for the enantiodiscrimination of several negatively charged and zwitterionic model racemates. The substituent-dependent enantiomer migration order reversal of dansylated-valine using PIP-β-CD contrary to PYP-β-CD, MO-β-CD and PIPA-β-CD was also studied by 1H- and 2D ROESY NMR experiments. 

Fejős, I.; Kalydi, E.; Kukk, E.L.; Seggio, M.; Malanga, M.; Béni, S. Single Isomer N-Heterocyclic
Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Chiral Selectors in Capillary Electrophoresis. Molecules 2021, 26, 5271.

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