A review on mono-6 substituted cyclodextrins

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The huge literature on synthesis and applications of mono-6-substituted CDs has been reviewed by Kasal and Jindrich selecting the most useful and well-described preparation methods.

The following compound families are discussed in details based on 241 citations:

  • 6A‐O‐Aryl/alkyl‐sulfonates of CDs
  • 6A‐O‐Aryls/alkyls of CDs
  • 6A‐O‐Aryls/alkyls of CDs
  • 6A‐O‐Acyls of CDs
  • 6A‐S‐Aryls/alkyls/acyls of CDs
  • 6A‐Deoxy‐6A‐azides of CDs
  • 1,4‐Substituted Triazoles of CDs
  • 1,5‐Substituted Triazoles of CDs
  • Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary Amines
  • 6A‐Deoxy‐6A‐oxo‐CD
  • 6A‐[(Alkyl)imino]‐6A‐deoxy‐β‐CD and 6A‐[(Alkylmethylene)amino]‐6A‐deoxy‐CD
  • 6A‐N‐Acyls of CDs
  • 6A‐N‐Carbamates of CDs
  • 1.16. 6A‐O‐Carbonates of CDs
  • 6A‐C‐Aryls/alkyls of CDs
  • 6A‐Se‐Aryls/alkyls and 6A‐Te‐Aryls/alkyls of CDs

Kasal, P.; Jindřich, J. Mono‐6‐Substituted Cyclodextrins—Synthesis and Applications.
Molecules 2021, 26, 5065. https://doi.org/10.3390/molecules26165065

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