International Conference on Advances in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Quality Control and Regulatory Sciences (DDRS 2021)

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Keeping participants’ safety in focus, a survey was conducted among our participants, speakers and sponsors to learn about their preference for this international conference. Overwhelming majority preferred to have a conventional face-to-face conference at a later date. DDRS Conference as a culminating event of a series of conferences in the topic has its merits by having a highly international faculty and audience and the time to interact and network during the conference. It was also essential that DDRS Conference remain a part of the Semmelweis University 250-year jubilee event series. After taking into consideration all facts, circumstances and eventual consequences, the organisers decided to have this DDRS Conference moved to 15-17 November, 2021. 

For the original date, participants had registered from 48 countries of 5 continents!

As one of Europe’s most prestigious drug research conferences, the International Conference on Advances in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Quality Control and Regulatory Sciences (DDRS 2021) will be organised on Margaret Island, Budapest, 15-17 November, 2021 on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the foundation of Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. The conference is among the top scientific events to be held throughout the jubilee year.

This is a follow-up of a very successful series of (1) International Regulatory Workshops on Bioequivalence, Bioanalysis, Dissolution and Biosimilarity (BEW Series) and (2) International Symposium on Scientific and Regulatory Advances in Biological and Non-Biological Complex Drugs: A to Z in Bioequivalence (SRACD Series). This conference aims to present a complete gamut of scenarios from drug development, quality control, the regulatory challenges, and the practical use and handling of complex drug products for a broad range of dosage forms. The conference will address new trends in pharmaceutical, regulatory science of biological and non-biological complex drugs (NBCDs) and the challenges for their correct use. Keynote addresses will provide different perspectives on where we came from, where we are and where we are heading to. The conference will also discuss advances in bioanalytical methodologies to characterize these complex drugs with their critical quality attributes and Drug-Device Combination products. Topics will be addressed regarding the bioequivalence evaluation of complex drugs. Experts will highlight COVID-19 vaccine developments and challenges.

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