Summary of currently available drugs which can be potentially used for treatment of COVID-19

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The Table below was published in e-book

International Pulmonologist’s Consensus On Covid-19 2nd ed 2020

on April 22nd 2020 (ed. Tinku Joseph).


Table 11:
Summary of currently available drugs which can be potentially used for treatment of COVID-19
Disclaimer: The options listed below are not licensed for the treatment of COVID-19
Agent Classification Mechanism of action Dosage Side effects
Hydroxychloroquine Off label use Hampers low pH dependent steps of viral replication 400 mg BID x 2 doses, then 200 mg BID for 5days QT prolongation
Oseltamivir No trials on COVID-19 Neuraminidase enzyme inhibitor in influenza 75mg BID for 5 days GI intolerance Headache Insomnia
Remdesivir Investigational (can be used only on compassionate basis) RNA dependent RNA polymerase inhibitor 200 mg IV loading dose, then 100mgIV daily, up to 10 days GI intolerance Hepatotoxicity
Off label use 3CLpro (viral protease) inhibitor 400/100 mg BID for up to 10 days QT prolongation Hepatotoxicity
Interferon Beta B1 Off label use Immunomodulatory; enhancement of innate and adaptive viral immunity   Flu like syndrome depression
Tocilizumab Off label use Monoclonal antibody to IL6 receptor / treats cytokine release syndrome 4-8 mg/kg (max 400mg) IV and can be repeated up to three times 8 hours apart Elevation of liver enzymes Increased risk of re-activation of other respiratory infections
(Broad spectrum)
Initiate as per institution based Secondary bacterial infection (CAP)/VAP    
Corticosteroids Not indicated in treating SARS CoV2 as per available evidence. Might prolong viral shedding.

Use as per indicated in refractory shock/macrophage activation syndrome/if patient has other indications for steroid use

Convalescent Plasma with neutralizing antibody Off label use Antibodies from convalescent plasma might suppress viraemia. Theoretically: Better to start at early stage of disease Consider IVIG at standard dose of 1 gm/kg daily x 2 doses Might interact with antivirals

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