Cyclo Therapeutics reports international patent application for treating Alzheimer’s

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Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops cyclodextrin-based products for the treatment of Niemann-Pick Deisease Type C (NPC) and Alzheimer’s Disease, reported yesterday on their website the publication of an international patent application for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease with hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin (HPBCD). [1]

Earlier in March, Cyclo Therapeutics announced a positive safety profile for their intravenous drug, Trappsol® Cyclo™ (HPBCD) from the Phase I Trial in patients with NPC-1. The Phase I/II trials NPC-1 are going to be published later in May. [2]

The new international patent application (WO 2020/092107 AI) [3] describes treating Alzheimer’s Disease with Cyclo Therapeutics’ Trappsol® Cyclo™ HPBCD. The inventors on the patent are Sharon H. Hrynkow, Ph.D., Jeffrey L. Tate, Ph.D. and N. Scott Fine from the Management Team of Cyclo Therapeutics.

The CEO, N. Scott Fine said: “Publication of this international patent application marks further progress for the Company as we develop Trappsol® Cyclo™ for additional indications. Alzheimer’s Disease is a growing health problem and innovative methods for addressing it, like ours, are needed.”.

According to CSO, Dr. Sharon Hrynkow: “Alzheimer’s Disease takes an enormous toll on those who suffer from it, along with family members, and societies. With no approved disease modifying treatments, new approaches to its treatment like the one described in this patent application are urgently needed.”.

Looking at the patent application, the Company claims that they aimed using HPBCD to treat Alzheimer’s. The intended dose is slightly lower than for the treatment of NPC, 500-1500 mg/kg/month compared to 1500-2500 mg/kg/2-weeks used in the NPC Clinical studies. The therapy allows combination treatment with various other APIs and could last between 3 months and 12 months. Cyclo Therapeutics is already planning an early stage clinical study.

Similar use of cyclodextrins was disclosed in an international patent application filed earlier by Asdera LLC (WO 2017/163128) [4]. This invention is based on using  HPBCD and HPACD (hydroxypropyl alpha cyclodextrin) for a wide array of diseases, including a claim that specifies applying these cyclodextrins for treating/preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and another claim pointing out usefulness in amelioration of Alzhemimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. The suggested therapeutic range is between 1 and 1000 mg/kg.


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