200th post: 33 years of past!

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October 2019 is the month when the jubilee of our 200th post coincides with the 33rd anniversary of Cyclodextrin News!

Therefore this is a good occasion for looking back to our efforts in disseminating information on the advances related to cyclodextrins on evolving media platforms. The first (to be more precise 0th) issue of Cyclodextrin News was released in October 1986, exactly 33 years ago, printed on paper. The header is shown below:


Throughout over two decades, paper version has been the only way to access this journal. As of January 2001, Cyclodextrin News has had been also accessible in electronic form (sent out by e-mail to the subscribers for about 15 years later it became open-access). Then this rich and uninterrupted heritage was continued as a web-based blog, which celebrates its 200th post herein.

Currently this page welcomes 600 visitors each month (generating approx. 1400 reads).

The most popular posts were the following:

  • Fraud companies infiltrating cyclodextrin business
  • CD in ice cream
  • The monograph of SBECD is official in the European Pharmacopeia
  • FDA Approved Development of VAR 200 for Treatment of FSGS
  • Cyclodextrins without holes are reality

Our most diligent visitors/readers have been located in the following countries: USA, Hungary, China, Spain, India and Japan (and 90 other states).

We hope that our readers will enjoy our future announcements and short reports and feel invited to add content to Cyclodextrin News blog as well. If you wish to make a contribution, please leave a comment here or send a message at our facebook page or twitter and we will contact you!

With kindest regards: the editors of Cyclodextrin News

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