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The 13th Annual International Partnering Conference BIO-EUROPE SPRING will be held on March 25–27, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

The following topics will have plenary discussions:

  • Exploring underserved therapeutic area
  • Who wins the seat when investing in European biotech companies?
  • Evolving biopharma landscape in the Asia-Pacific
  • Emerging opportunities for investment and partnering in „metabesity”
  • Pharma company presentations
  • Keys to maximizing the value of your company
  • The transformational changes in China
  • Creating world-leading biotech companies in Europe
  • Commercial opportunities in cell and gene
  • Oncology positioning and partnering strategies
  • How does Europe set the price for a new drug?
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape for microbiome therapeutics
  • What’s lying ahead for European biotech in 2019 and beyond?

and a lot of partnering events and discussions will be organized.



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