Gordon Research Conference: Artificial Molecular Switches and Motors

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The conference on Molecular Machines in Solution, Soft Matter and Solid State Materials will be held on June 9–14, 2019 in Holderness, NH, US with participation of two Nobel-prize winners, Ben Feringa and Fräser Stoddart chairing the sections on “From Molecular Devices to Macroscopic Properties” and “Switching in Networks”, respectively. Some details on their research can be found in Cyclodextrin News, 2016, 30(10), 1–7.

Kohzo Ito, professor of University Tokyo will present his results on “Slide-Ring Materials: Novel Molecular Concept to Toughen Polymeric Materials with Rotaxane”. For further details on ItoP polymers and their application in the car industry click to the post on Future automobiles made from supramolecular polymers are reality?


Deadline for application is May 12.

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