Cyclodextrins: Properties and Industrial Applications

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A book published by Wiley in 2017 is one of the comprehensive reviews collecting the up-to-date knowledge on cyclodextrins. It is written by two scientists from Iran, Sahar and Sanam Amiri. Sahar Amiri has published several papers on inclusion complexes of various polymers with cyclodextrins, while Sanam Amiri’s research interest includes using cyclodextrins in textile engineering and thermo-reversible block copolymers based on cyclodextrins. Utilizing the special expertise of the authors the book contains overviews on CDs applications in polymer chemistry and corrosion protection.


The main chapters in the book:


Supramolecular chemistry and rotaxane

Smart polymers

Basics on corrosion


Cyclodextrin application as macroinitiator

Cyclodextrin applications

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