Protecting groups: Strategies and Applications in Carbohyrate Chemistry

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The new book edited by Prof. Sébastien Vidal (University of Lyon) contains 17 chapters on various strategies and applications including protecting groups at the primary, secondary and anomeric position of carbohydrates, N-protecting groups for 2‐amino‐2‐deoxy‐glycosides, one‐pot multistep regioselective protection, acyl migrations in carbohydrate chemistry,  orthogonally protected building blocks, etc. There is a chapter on protecting groups in cyclodextrin chemistry:

Cyclodextrin Chemistry via Selective Protecting Group Manipulations
(Juan M. Benito and José M. García Fernández)

This chapter gives the details on face-selective differentiation, single hydroxyl protection and full protection as well as on concerted protection of hydroxyl sets, regioselective deprotection, etc.  Some experimental procedures with practical advices are included.

It can be useful for organic chemists working on synthesis of various cyclodextrin derivatives.

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