CD-containing electrospun filtering media

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A recently published book on electrospun filtering media contains a detailed overview on cyclodextrin-containing nanowebs used for water purification and for entrapment of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) [1]. Air filtration was thoroughly studied by Uyar’s group who prepared various electrospun membranes using poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) [2], polyester (PET) [3], nylon 6,6 [4] functionalized by CDs and also polymer free systems directly from gamma-CD [5], HPBCD or HPGCD [6]. The third group of CD-containing mats is prepared from CD-based polymers.

While the polymer based systems can be used for both wastewater treatment and air filtration, the polymer free systems can be used only as air filters which selectively entrap organic vapors such as aniline, benzene, styrene and toluene from the surroundings due to inclusion complexation.

The issue of regeneration of such air filters has so far not been addressed.


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