Allergic Eye treatment with Cyclodextrins

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There is a not extremely recent but certainly very interesting patent application related to a special use of cyclodextrins, namely the treatment of allergic eye conditions. In this application, Aldeyra Therapeutics – who by the way have very promising cyclodextrin enabled formulations in advanced clinical stages: Reproxalap (formerly ADX 102 or NS 2) – claim in their patent application that topical administration of a cyclodextrin in itself is a suitable treatment for various types of conjunctivitis and capable of preventing or ameliorating onset of symptoms of eye allergy. “Of course” in the document every type of CD  is claimed, so it is difficult to draw conclusions on how this effect is indeed performed or what could be the ideal lead candidate. Still, certainly a very interesting approach.

Apparently, the cyclodextrin (SBECD, Dexolve, Captisol) used during the formulation of NS2 showed the effect when matrix samples were tested without the API being present. The underlying phenomenon is hereby explained by the competitive binding of different grass and tree allergens to the cyclodextrin.

So who is in for some comparative human trials next season? We could provide some eyedrops!

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