Host–guest interaction using a coordination polymer gel

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Mimicking the host–guest (e.g. enzyme–substrate) interaction in the nature of a temperature-controlled stepwise release and capture of cyclodextrin was achieved using a coordination polymer gel. Azobenzene-salicylic acid derivative was coordinated to MgO-based inorganic cluster in N,N-diethylformamide to get a gel of brush-like structure with the organic moieties organized along the linear metal oxide chain. These organic moieties (azobenzene groups) are complexed with alpha-CD. The gel does not release CD at 20 oC, releases a part of it at 60 oC and all of it at 80 oC. The capture and release processes are reversible for several heating and cooling cycles.


Mukhopadhyay, R.D., Das, G., Ajayaghosh, A. (2018) Stepwise control of host-guest interaction using a coordination polymer gel. Nature Communications, 9(1),1987
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