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Patent application on reduction of envelope viral particle number in a composition containing cyclodextrin

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US patent application US2022409653 entitled “METHOD FOR PREVENTING ENTRY AND REPLICATION OF ENVELOPED VIRUSES” descibes a method for the reduction of envelope viral particle number comprising a number of synergistically acting actives. The inventors claim the administration of the following composition: an aqueous solution comprised at least of: cyclodextrin, quercetin, and zinc. The administration of this mixture results in a decrease of envelope viral particles.

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It is hypothesized that CDs will allow the extraction of cholesterol molecules from enveloped virus membranes and the host cell membrane, altering their respective lipid and protein composition and distribution, preventing virus entry into host cells. The quercetin, acting as a zinc ionophore, enables the cellular entry of zinc. The zinc functions to protect host cells against the envelope virus by inhibiting RNA binding, RNA synthesis, viral polyprotein cleavage, viral replication, and viral protease enzyme inactivation, among others. Thus, both viral entry and replication are prevented thereby decreasing the viral particle load present in or on a subject. Therefore, embodiments of the invention may be used prophylactically to prevent infection, or, may be used therapeutically to alleviate the associated effects of viral exposure and/or infection.

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