Special Issue “Recent Advances in Supramolecular Chemistry and Self-Assembly”

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Special Issue entitled “Recent Advances in Supramolecular Chemistry and Self-Assembly” has been announced in Molecules (IF 4.927).

This Special Issue will focus on recent innovative developments in supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly fields, especially the functional supramolecular self-assembled materials based on macrocyclic hosts. Macrocyclic hosts, such as crown ethers, cyclodextrins, calixarenes, cucurbiturils, pillararenes, biphenarenes and metallacycles, play an extremely important role in constructing functional supramolecular self-assembled materials. Up to now, functional supramolecular self-assembled systems based on macrocyclic hosts have been widely used in the fields of molecular machines, supramolecular amphiphiles, macrocyclic amphiphiles, supramolecular polymers, drug delivery systems and adsorptive separation processes.


Prof. Dr. Jiong Zhou

Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China

Read more: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/molecules/special_issues/Supramolecular_Assembly

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