Alpha-CD to Improve Safety and Shelf Life of Refrigerated Pre-Cooked Chicken Nuggets

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This study proposes the new technology consisting of incorporation of encapsulated extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) ( alpha-cyclodextrin: EVOO ratio, 1:2.6) in the breadcrumbs (corn breadcrumbs:encapsulated oil ratio, 2:1) for breading chicken nuggets combined with oil-free pre-cooking (baking 150 oC/5 min) and cooking (baking 180 oC/13 min). As controls, a conventional deep-fat frying (180 oC/30 s) and new technology but without encapsulated EVOO were used.

Fat content of baked chicken nuggets with the new technology was reduced by 88%, while no sensory differences were scored compared with conventional deep-fat frying. Furthermore, acrylamide formation was reduced by >55% with the new technology. During storage (4 oC) of pre-cooked chicken nuggets of new technology, microbial growth was reduced by 1.4 log units lower compared with deep-fat frying method.

The proposed new technology, based on encapsulated EVOO+oil-free pre-cooking/cooking, allows to obtain chicken nuggets that are healthier, safer, and have a longer shelf-life, while frying oil waste is avoided.

Barón-Yusty, M.; Martínez-Hernández, G.B.; Ros-Chumillas, M.; Navarro-Segura, L.; López-Gómez, A. Encapsulated EVOO Improves Food Safety and Shelf Life of Refrigerated Pre-Cooked Chicken Nuggets. Clean Technol. 2022, 4, 53–66.

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