Cyclodextrins applied for improved insulin therapy

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A recently published patent application (US20210113666 – Systems, Methods and Products for Minimizing Tissue Reactions and Tissue Injury at an Infusion Site by Cell and Molecular Tissue Engineering, LLC) discusses several benefits of using cyclodextrins in insulin therapy.

1.) The invention discusses a method of lowering the concentrations of preservatives in a liquid insulin formulation, with replacing phenol and m-cresol (at least partially). It is highlighted that during insulin pump therapy phenol and m-cresol might induce cell death and inflammatory reactions at the infusion site in vivo which can be lowered with the use of different cyclodextrins.

2.) The application further describes a method for removing the preservatives from a liquid insulin composition comprising incorporating at least one of an ion exchange resin and cyclodextrin polymers or beads into the infusion set (i.e. removal of phenol form insulin formulations immediately before infusion into the tissue). 

3.) The inventors wish to benefit added value to their method from prior art disclosure that cyclodextrins are able to protect insulin from protease degradation in vitro.

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