First results on cyclodextrins against dengue fever from CycloLab

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In May, 2020, CycloLab announced a collaboration, where University of California, Berkeley, Excivion and CycloLab teamed-up to evaluate the antiviral potential of cyclodextrins against SARS-CoV-2 and other viral infections.

While the Covid-19 related results of this work are non-public yet, we are happy to present non-confidential data on an also very important viral threat: Dengue virus. In the past months the consortium evaluated several cyclodextrin-based NCE candidates, filed a patent and now some of the very first promising results are available, while the program progressing further.

While the antiviral potency of cyclodextrins have been known for years, no products have been developed so far for this purpose. At Cycloab, it is our strong intention to develop this asset further through the preclinical and clinical stages and hope to partner the program in the mid-term.

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