CD-enabled face masks with improved filtering capacity

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This study reports biodegradable gelatin/β–cyclodextrin composite nanofiber mats with dual function air filtration ability at reduced air resistance (148 Pa) and low basis weight (1 g/m²). Gelatin/β–cyclodextrin electrospun nanofibers captured aerosols (0.3–5 μm) with >95% filtration efficiency at 0.029/Pa quality factor. They adsorbed great amount of xylene (287 mg/g), benzene (242 mg/g), and formaldehyde (0.75 mg/g) VOCs. VOC adsorption of gelatin/β–cyclodextrin nanofibers is found several times higher than a commercial face mask and pristine powder samples. This study provides a solution for a ‘green’ dual function respiratory air filtration at low resistance. Gelatin/β–cyclodextrin nanofibers also have the potential to filter nano-sized viruses.

Kadam, V. et al. (2021) Gelatin/β–Cyclodextrin Bio–Nanofibers as respiratory filter media for filtration of aerosols and volatile organic compounds at low air resistance. Journal of Hazardous Materials 403, 123841.

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