36th Cyclodextrin Symposium, Japan

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Following long traditions the annual cyclodextrin symposium will be organized by the Society of Cyclodextrins, Japan in this year, too. The 36th National Cyclodextrin Symposium will be held on 12-13 September 2019 in Kobe, Japan.

Prof. Arima, President of Society of Cyclodextrins, Japan gave a message on the objectives of the society:

“Japan has been the international center of cyclodextrin research since Prof. Kouki Horikoshi described the mass production of cyclodextrin in 1988. More published research papers on cyclodextrins, including original scientific papers, have originated in Japan than in any other country. Those researchers involved in the study of cyclodextrins have developed into a “cyclodextrin family”, which is an organization based on mutual communication and cooperation. I hope that cyclodextrin researchers will continue moving towards the goal of Green Sustainable Chemistry by promoting the use of cyclodextrins worldwide.”

For the whole message see: http://www.scdj.jp/mess-e.html

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