Cyclodextrins in Anti-Biofouling Applications

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In this chapter [1], most of the reports on CD-based polymer coatings including BCD-polymer coating on polypropylene surface, BCD-linked polyvinylidene fluoride and CD-stabilized Ag nanocomposites, their anti-fouling behavior and their potential applications in sustained drug release, membrane separation technology, water treatment and marine industry were summarized. In addition, light-responsive supramolecular anti-fouling coatings containing biocidal BCD derivative for kill-release antibacterial surfaces offer a favourable platform for the fabrication of multifunctional surfaces.

[1] Jyotirmayee Mohanty and Achikanath C. Bhasikuttan: Cyclodextrins in Anti-Biofouling Applications. In: Viswanathan S. Saji (Ed.) Supramolecular Chemistry in Corrosion and Biofouling Protection. Francis & Tailor, 2021

Further chapters of this book might be interesting for the followers of the Cyclodextrin News:

Chapter 1|14 pages
By Bobbie M. McVey, Peter J. Cragg

Chapter 2|24 pages
Host–Guest Inclusion Complexes
ByBrian D. Wagner

Chapter 3|21 pages
Supramolecular Polymers
ByNihar Sahu, Indrajit Mohanta, Akhilesh K. Srivastava, Bimalendu Adhikari

Chapter 4|17 pages
Supramolecular Self-Healing Gels
By Tooru Ooya, Ik Sung Cho

Chapter 5|12 pages
Coordination Polymers
By Ganesan Prabusankar, Muneshwar Nandeshwar, Suman Mandal, Sabari Veerapathiran, Kalaivanan Subramaniyam

Chapter 6|10 pages
Metal–Organic Frameworks and Their Host–Guest Chemistry
By Suresh Babu Kalidindi, Marilyn Esclance DMello, Vasudeva Rao Bakuru

Chapter 7|26 pages
Self-Assembled Metallo-Assemblies
By Binduja Mohan, Sankarasekaran Shanmugaraju

Section Section II|190 pages
Applications in Corrosion Protection

Chapter 8|26 pages
Self-Healing Mechanisms in Smart Protective Coatings
By Alicja Stankiewicz, Katarzyna Zielińska

Chapter 9|14 pages
Polymeric Capsules as Nanocontainers in Surface Coatings
By Sarah B. Ulaeto, T. P. D. Rajan

Chapter 10|14 pages
Cyclodextrins in Surface Coating Applications
By Puspalata Rajesh, T.V. Krishna Mohan

Chapter 11|28 pages
Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in Surface Coating Applications
By Idalina Vieira Aoki, Brunela Pereira da Silva, Jesus Marino Falcón-Roque

Chapter 12|11 pages
MOFs-Based Surface Coatings
By A. Madhan Kumar

Chapter 13|14 pages
Graphene-Based Anti-Corrosion Coatings: Performance and Mechanisms
By Julker Nine, Dusan Losic

Chapter 14|7 pages
Supramolecular Intrinsic Self-Healing in Polyurethane Coatings
By Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Bashirul Haq, Viswanathan S. Saji

Chapter 15|8 pages
Supramolecular Polyurethane Corrosion Inhibitors
By Muthukumar Nagu, Viswanathan S. Saji

Chapter 16|20 pages
Crown Ethers, Dendrimers, Cyclodextrins, and Calixarene Derivatives as Corrosion Inhibitors
By Vitalis I. Chukwuike, Rakesh C. Barik

Chapter 17|12 pages
Coordination Polymers as Corrosion Inhibitors
By Bhawna Chugh, Sheetal, Sanjeeve Thakur, Balaram Pani, Ashish Kumar Singh

Chapter 18|19 pages
MOFs-Based Corrosion Inhibitors
By Elyor Berdimurodov, Lei Guo, Abduvali Kholikov, Khamdam Akbarov, Mengyue Zhu

Chapter 19|12 pages
Self-Assembled Monolayers in Corrosion Inhibition
By Sunder Ramachandran, Carlos Menendez, Tracey Jackson

Section Section III|91 pages
Applications in Biofouling Protection

Chapter 20|14 pages
Supramolecular Polymers/Gels/Self-Assemblies for Anti-Biofouling Surfaces
By Drishya Elizebath, Akhil Padmakumar, Rakesh K. Mishra, Vakayil K. Praveen

Chapter 21|12 pages
Cyclodextrins in Anti-Biofouling Applications
By Jyotirmayee Mohanty, Achikanath C. Bhasikuttan

Chapter 22|12 pages
Mesoporous Silica-Based Systems for Anti-Biofouling Applications
By Silvia Rosane S. Rodrigues, Viviane Dalmoro, João Henrique Z. dos Santos

Chapter 23|23 pages
MOFs-Based Systems for Anti-Biofouling Applications
By Ubong Eduok

Chapter 24|10 pages
Nanocontainers-Based Anti-Biofouling Coatings – A Pilot Study
By George Kordas

Chapter 25|17 pages
Supramolecular Surface Modifications of Titanium Implants
By Karan Gulati

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