4th Glycobasque Meeting

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The 4th edition of our Glycobasque meeting, an annual international glycoscience meeting organized by the Glycotechnology (Niels Reichardt) and Chemical Glycobiology (Jesús Jiménez-Barbero) groups of the BRTA centers CIC biomaGUNE (San Sebastián) and CIC bioGUNE (Derio) will be held on 11-12 November, 2021 in San Sebastian, Spain.
Glycoscience is becoming increasingly relevant to many areas of drug development, gene therapy, regenerative medicine and disease diagnostics and presents immense opportunities for both basic and translational research.
The 1.5 day meeting will provide seminars from leading experts in glycobiology, immunology and carbohydrate chemistry and showcase state-of-the-art research from participants with backgrounds in cancer glycobiology, glycan synthesis, immune therapy, glycoconjugate vaccine design and analysis of carbohydrate-protein interactions.

Peter Seeberger, Automated Glycan Assembly as Basis for Life Science and Material Science Applications
Anna Bernardi, Glycomimetics-by screening and by design
Jesús Jiménez-Barbero, Breaking the limits in understanding glycan recognition by NMR
Rita Gerardy Schahn, Rationally designed semi-synthetic glycoconjugate Vaccines
Katrine Ter-Borch Gram Schjoldager, Global view of human protein glycosylation and functions
Registration and abstract submission on www.glycobasque.es

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