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1986, the year of the first issue of Cyclodextrin News was abundant in notable events and new threats to be faced by humanity just like in 2020. 1986 is the year of the first computer virus (Brain), Challenger space shuttle explosion, Chernobyl nuclear disaster and Maradona’s infamous “handball” goal at FIFA worldcup. Obviously, cyclodextrins are not the ultimate remedies for all of past and present difficulties, nevertheless if we had an Academy Award (Oscar) for Chemical Compounds, SBECD should be definitely nominated in 2020 for “Best Supporting Actor” category due to the story of Veklury.

The editorial of the first issue of Cyclodextrin News defined aims and scope of the journal (CYCLODEXTRIN NEWS, Volume 1, No.1, November, 1986). We list these herein and review what is still valid and belongs to our traditions and heritage. Here is the original quote from the founding fathers (joint editors): J. Szejtli (Hungary) and J .S. Pagington (England) with the contemporary notes of present contributiors of Cyclodextrin News.

CD NEWS is an independent and privately funded news letter [still true], available only on subscription [you may subscribe but it is not necessary]. The first three issues are being sent free of charge to all those with an interest in CDs. ISSUE FOUR onwards will be available at a price of $75 or its sterling equivalent for a six month subscription, including the price of a binder [now it is electronic and free]. From September 1987 CD NEWS is available on a 12 month subscription of 150$. We hope that this will help those of you whose budget year starts in September.

OUR AIM is to publish details of world wide CD research, along with news of applications and potential CD industrial users. We believe that this is best done by making available up to date information with informed comment. There is a wealth of information and data available and research continues to be undertaken on an aspects of CDs [yes, indeed]. Few people realise that container lots of beta-CD are available TODAY at prices as low as $10/kilo for pure material [nowadays even cheaper].

THE CORE of CD News will be reviews of the most important CD literature from the previous year. Issues one to three will cover 1985 and issues four to 14, 1986. We will also review CD books published to date, so that CD News will build to a comprehensive, up to date reference source of cyclodextrin literature [building of the database terminated but the archive is still available].

LITERATURE SEARCHES will be carried out for readers, prices on application. CD meetings and books announced and reviewed. Research quantities of various CDs will be offered for sale. News of new product launches and government approvals. A notice board for readers use and news of the people involved with CDs. Look for details of these and other services in the first three issues, sent free of charge. We would remind our readers that communication should be a two way exercise [exactly, as now]. Your letters and comments will be most welcome [and your posts]. News relating to manufacturers, products, applications, people and meetings will all be appreciated.

If you are reading someone else’s copy of CD NEWS and would like to receive your own, please write and tell us [just share via e-mail or social media].”

In the early years, when Cyclodextrin News was printed on paper, the highest number of prescribers reached 300. Later, when the journal became open access, the electronic version was sent out to 500 e-mail addresses. In present, blog format we are welcoming 2000-2500 visitors each month with 4500-5000 clicks to our posts.


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