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Indocyanine / β-cyclodextrin conjugate enabling imaging of carcinoma tissues upon surgery

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Mie University and Nagoya University has jointly developed an Indocyanine / β-cyclodextrin conjugate suitable for ureter visualization in patients undergoing laparoscopic/minimally invasive colorectal surgery. Astellas Pharma Inc. has acquired exclusive development and marketing rights worldwide (the designation of the compound is ASP5354). A recent clinical trial investigated the safety, tolerability and the pharmacokinetics of ASP5354 in participants undergoing laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgery.

ASP5354 fluoresces upon excitation with a particular wavelength of near-infrared light. When administered intravenously, ASP5354 is primarily and rapidly excreted by the kidneys and provides the surgeon with visualization of the ureter(s) during surgery through the use of a near-infrared fluorescence (NIR-F) medical device.

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The details of the synthesis/characterization of the cyclodextrin derivative may be accessed here:

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